J. Smythe DuVal for Secretary of State

"The Election Reform Candidate"

About the Candidate

Smythe has been passionate about election and voting system reform since 2000. He is running for Secretary of State in order to help provide Georgia citizens fair and competitive elections. Smythe  is a veteran, a Registered Nurse, and works in the medical IT field. He is a dad to two wonderful teenagers. Smythe resides in East Cobb County. 

The Platform

Expand Voter Registration

In 2018 there is no reason to cut-off voter registration 28 days before an election. The number of voters Georgia that were disenfranchised from participating in the recent Handel-Ossoff run-off was embarrassing. I support expanding Voter Registration up to the day before election day.

Independent Redistricting Commission

Gerrymandering has been with us for over 200 years. However big-data computing power has created a gerrymandering monster. Georgia should follow the lead of other States and move the redistricting process out of the legislature and to an Independent Redistricting Commission.

Ranked Choice Voting

With RCV voters rank as many candidates as they want in order of their choice. RCV replaces expensive run-off elections, saving Georgia taxpayers money. Best of all, RCV eliminates the "spoiler effect". Democrats and Republicans would not be incentivized to oppress minor parties and their supporters.

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